Triund Trek – a story!


    We live the moment and it’s gone. All that’s left are the stories. Here’s a story of a friend who came to visit the mountains last monsoons and trekked to the hilltop of Triund, and hopefully not the last!

    – Monisha Sharma, New Delhi

    “…Working in a travel company myself, and May to September being the most hectic time for us I certainly needed a change from my daily routine. So, I started planning with two of my friends for some break from the routine and as being always short on leaves, our target was the 15th August long weekend.

    We were planning for Dharamshala but then my lovely friend from the mountains, Visharad, gave us an option for a one day trek to Triund which would be more peaceful yet adventurous at the same time. I convinced my friends for the same, though it sounded hectic but at the same more time interesting.

    We took a Volvo from Delhi and arrived at McLeod Ganj in the morning. From McLeod Ganj we were dropped to a guest house in Dharamkot by our guide Vinod Bhaiya who accompanied us in the Trek as well. He is a very cute gentleman with a smile on his face.

    After getting fresh and having amazing breakfast we were all ready for the Trek. With Vinod bhaiya accompanying us we all started walking. The weather was amazing as always and the freshness in the air just amazing. We thought Triund would be an off beat destination and there would not be much people but as we were walking we saw  people doing trekking with us, some as groups, some individually walking and to our surprise lot of foreigner groups with their guides smiling clicking pictures and enjoying.

    Seeing them we were more motivated since I was doing trekking for the second time it was a bit tiring but the weather and beautiful view motivates you to keep moving. One side is the valley and other side mountain it is a bit risky so it’s always important to listen to the experienced guide with you.

    Halfway through when we reached a mid point a small tea stall was there and the best part was Maggi  available there. I still remember my friends getting super excited after having Maggi after a long time (it was banned at that time). The view from that tea stall was so beautiful clouds touching you face and the voice of Bhagsu waterfalls coming and everything else silent. It was just amazing. After taking a break of half an hour we started walking again…

    Vinod Bhaiya our guides encouragement and  whistle blow motivated us to keep on walking, I was tired but my friends filled with energy kept on encouraging me. At that the only thing that was motivating me to walk was I just wanted to reach on the Triund hill and just complete this Trek. We kept on walking and after almost 4 hours from the start we reached the top. To our surprise is was just a hill and a few cottages of the local people and 2 -3 tea shops but the view from the peak was just amazing…

    We could see the Dharamshala stadium on one side and the Dhauladhar mountain ranges on the other covered with Snow. And thankfully Crazy Peaks had already blocked a cottage for us we kept our luggage in it and it started raining heavily. Hill station rainfalls are very beautiful yet very heavy, but still we were enjoying every bit of it. Sitting in that cottage which started and ended it was so much fun. It was like we are back in childhood playing “ghar ghar”. There were no washrooms as such, just the tented ones or the open nature, so if anyone wanted to relax themselves they need to go at the back of stones or find a bush. Though it was hilarious doing all this but a different experience all together.

    In evening when the rain stopped we sat at a stone from where the whole view was just amazing and out of us 3 no one spoke much just quietly enjoyed the sunset with amazing tea from the kitchen of Vinod bhaiya friend and the cook for us. The feeling of being secluded, the feeling of relaxation and the beautiful weather was just enough to not feel tired. The best part was that there was no electricity up there so we were given candles in our cottage and people used torches for their tents. The basic meals of Indian Dal, Sabzi and Rice we got at dinner were far more delicious than any cuisine in the world. It was simple and maybe we were so hungry that we loved every bite of it.

    We stayed overnight at Triund hill but couldn’t come out of the cottage at night cause it was raining heavily, a very bad thunder storm and I remember my friend sleeping next to me asked I hope people staying outside in tents are safe. We went out to ask Vinod bhaiya and he updated that since the tents are water proof so the rain wouldn’t effect them. There was even a group of girls from Ireland who had opted for staying in tents.

    The whole night we could hear lighting and rain and we were praying that it stops raining so that tomorrow morning we are able to get down on time to catch our bus back to Delhi. We woke up around 6 in the morning and saw it had stopped raining so we decided that we will start our trek as soon as possible before it starts to rain again. We just changed are clothes got fresh and started walking. While coming down due to rain the stones had become slippery so we had to be extra careful while walking. Vinod bhaiya kept on helping and motivating us.

    It hardly took us 2 and half hours to come back down to Dharamkot at our guest house. We reached back and got fresh by 10 am and were all ready and free to explore McLeod Ganj as we had the Volvo in evening.

    Triund would always be special as it was my 1st trip with my office friends and its such an amazing place. A different experience all together in which I realized some times leaving luxury and enjoying a simple trip in the lap of nature is more fruitful.

    Thanks Crazy Peaks for organizing everything in a systematic way and making us go this extra mile to have a different experience all together…”

    – Photos and Words by Monisha Sharma.

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