Chadar Trek Memories – 2016


    Walking on the frozen Zanskar has been a dream for many. It is in fact being a part of a thousand years old heritage. The thrill and the ecstasy on keeping your foot on the Chadar and walking on it cannot be described in words. It’s something which can only be felt in the heart. The memories live with you lifelong, and you become a part of the Zanskari legacy for ever. Your definition of winters change and temperatures of -25 degrees don’t scare you any more. The lonely starry nights don’t give you shivers, and fear is no more a factor for you once you have done this. Your mental and physical capabilities increase and you find a more tougher human in you. You came back with wonderful stories and you have redefined adventure. Thank you all for believing in us and giving us so many wonderful memories. It was a privilege to have people like you travel with us.  I would like to share some of the wonderful memories from our Chadar 2016.

    Photo Courtesy : Gautam Nankani, Sahil Mahajan, Parul Pantri, Aditi Sarkar, Mohan, Amarjeet Hansda, and Yogesh Sharma.


    A frozen river, and you walking on it, is the most amazing of all ideas.chadar trek


    Make voyages! Attempt them… there’s nothing else. Once you start, things start happening.chadar days


    It may be -25, still life is to be lived and enjoyed.12742723_10207481080002948_1052667927688897023_n


    Toss times for a  game on the frozen riverchadar trek


    Just Chilling on the wayjust chilling at chilling


    The best deserved selfies at -25chadar selfie


    Did you know the nights can be so starry and  beautifulchadar night


    Free package of rock climbing with Chadar trek.chadar trek


    And a free package of ice climbing at NerakIce wall climbing at Nerak


    And some thing about the sledge raceschadar trek


    A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.awesome seven on Chadar


    Travel is like a giant blank canvas, and the painting on the canvas is only limited by one’s imaginationchadar trek view


    To travel is to take a journey into yourself.chadar trek


    Stop worrying about the cracks in the Ice and celebrate the journeyice on the chadar


    And only you know why Diamond gumboots are priceless.Diamond gumboots on chadar

    You guys spread smiles, made friends and come back with wonderful stories. Thank you all for traveling with us.


    Wishing you all, happy exploring!

    Cheers and Regards,

    Rajat Jamwal

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