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The rare combination of snow-clad peaks and snow fed lakes and rivers has helped to make the valley of Pokhara (210 kms / 131 miles from Kathmandu) one of the most picturesque natural attractions in the kingdom. It is located virtually in the geographical center of Nepal. Located on the main road between Kathmandu and Bhairawa, there may be no other place in the world from where Great Himalayas peaks can be admired from such a close distance. The Bindhyavasani Temple on its wellkept platform overlooks a modest amusement park. Phewa Lake, skirted by a large numbers of unpretentious lodges and simple restaurants, is the most congenial spot for visitors.Located on an old trading route between China and India, Pokhara, lies in the mid-western part of Nepal. It is the second most popular city of the country after Kathmandu. It gives a panoramic view of the Annapurna Range and the Fish tail mountain. It even consists of a serene lake Phewa across whose southern shore is located the World Peace Pagoda. Boating, bird watching, trekking and mountain biking are some of the activities offered by Pokhara but the trekking is an experience of its kind. This gorgeous city is truly an ideal destination for tourists.

How to Reach

By Air: First you have to make to Kathmandu which is well connected by air routes to the rest of the world. Then from there you can reach Pokhara by a 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu by road.

By Road: First you have to reach Sunauli from Gorakhpur (Which is well connected to major parts of India) and then from there you can you can reach Pokhara by road which is 450 kms away. Pokhara is  210 kms from Kathmandu and is well connected by road with buses operating almost every 30 minutes or less.


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Phewa Lake

One of the Nepal's most beautiful spots, Phewa Tal is surrounded by a combination of monkey-filled forests and the high white peaks. The reflections in the mirror-like water in the early mornings are something you must see at least once before you die. Hire a boat and row yourself across the lake (or hire a local to do it for you - there are some fine times to be had on this lake, even in the middle of the night.

Begnas Lake

Out of town and away from the hustle, Begnas Tal is quiet, clean and peaceful. There are a few basic hotels to stay in and the odd refreshment shop. The walk along the road leading to Begnas Tal is fascinating, the seasonal rhythms of daily life in the country make great images.


The perfect pre-trek warm-up. Head up Sarankot in the late afternoon (be prepared, it's steep and hard work) find yourselves a warm guest house before sunset, go up the top for sunset and again for sunrise. You won't be disappointed. You can rent a motor bike for under 700Rs and take yourself to the top. The road is rough, but traversable. Great views, spectacular images and a great way to get a taste of what it's like to be trekking.

Gupteswar Mahadev Cave

Another cave famous for it's religious importance located in the southern end of the city, Chorepatan. This cave has a famous Hindu god Shiva. It is opp Devi's Fall and on going its underground stairwell depth one comes across the waters of Devi's Fall itself.

World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa)

Built about 16 years ago atop a hill overlooking Phewa Tal, the Stupa offers a great place to see the mountains and the sunset over Pokhara. It can be accessed by hiring a boat across the lake and following a pretty good track upward, climbing up through the forest (but watch out for leeches during the monsoon)or by foot from the road that passes Devi's Fall, turning right at the end of Chhorepatan. Taxis can now drive up to within 15 minutes' walk of the Stupa - ask them to use the Chhorepatan road, which is shorter and therefore should be a little cheaper than the Kalimati road.

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• Paragliding from the top of Sarangkot must be one of the most exciting experiences in the Himalayas.
• Yoga at Pokhara Buddhist Centre (Ganden Yiga Chozin).
• Must visit to Fewa Lake and Gupteshwar Gufa

• Yoga at Pokhara Buddhist Centre (Ganden Yiga Chozin).
• There are numerous lakes all throughout the area. Travelers can rent boats and get out on the water.
• Canyoning is one of the newest adventure activities to hit Nepal.

• One must go for Parahawking.Take paragliding one step further and fly with trained birds of prey.
• Go for Deep Caving.Many travelers visit the tourist caves but it is actually possible to bring proper    equipment and do some deep caving.

• Sarangkot
• Kaskikot
• Kahundanda
• Ghalchowk
• Sirubari

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